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Hello there, we are DeuxLab!

Posted by DeuxLab - August 18th, 2013

Salutations Newgrounders!

After a being in Newgrounds for a while and publish a few animations (more in the works), I think it’s time we introduce ourselves.

We are two brothers running this show, GerLuNiMa and Luis Nieves. Since very young we’ve always liked to create stuff for entertainment, from board games, comics, simple flip-book animations, stop animations and so on. We have never decided to publish our stuff online until one day, December 2011, we got together and asked ourselves “Why Not?” and thus our journey to become online content creators began. We call our group… DeuxLab! The name comes from the concept that we decide to go for, which is “Two Scientists in a Laboratory experimenting with ideas”.

So now that you have an idea of who we are, let’s move to “What to expect from DeuxLab”.
Well, you’ll be getting a bit of everything! We started with Flash Cartoons (Game parodies and original content), we are doing Digital Drawings like Wallpapers, web comics, Flash games, desktop applications and pretty much anything we feel like doing.

We are relatively new to the Digital Art and publishing online, but we’re learning fast and as we become better… well, you get to see more better content from us. :)

So if you like what you read and would like to join us in our journey and have fun along the way, we have a few places that you can keep updated with us:

Places to be Updated
We have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You choose which ever you like and use most :P. We post updates about all we do in DeuxLab: Animation projects, Comics, events etc., so they are the best way to keep updated on everything.

Places where we publish content
First is our Newgrounds account. Here we post our Flash version of our cartoons as well as our future flash games. Our animations here will differ a little from the ones published on Youtube as we’ll add little interactive tweaks to make them more… fun to watch. As we become better at programming we’ll add even more tweaks to them.

Next is YouTube. Here we post our Video versions of the Flash cartoons and videos that can’t be put to Newgrounds. So, if you want to be the first to watch them, head over there and subscribe.

If you want to know what we went through to creating our projects and all, head over to our Blogspot. We have a few posts already there. Our next posts will have images of the sketches and stuff we did to create our projects.

And last but not least… what if you just want to know about everything all at once with a little extra? Well… that’s where our HQ is for… www.deuxlab.com. Here you’ll find all about… everything we do. Also, exclusive to our website are our weekly Web Comics, Wallpapers of our animations and Extras from every video. Want to have a chuckle or two, head over to our site for some fun entertainment.

So that’s all about us for now. Thank You all for reading and supporting us. We’ll see you Next Time!

Comments (3)

your logo and picture of those charactures looks better than the look of your movies ! why?!

We used Photoshop for those and we used the Pen tool. This gives us a more straight and clean look, also it's just one frame. For the Flash animations we draw using the mouse and the brush tool... and it's not easy. We have tablets now and things are looking a lot better. :P

so does that mean your stuff we go much better than before?!

That's partly the reason why we haven't made much content recently, we're studying and practicing to make things look better. Just wait and see. :)

I know this is quite an old post, but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your animation from yesterday. I was one of the other daily winners and just thought I'd let you know that it's nice seeing good quality parodies still being uploaded, particularly as a YuGiOh! fan :P