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DeuxLab's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 257 (From 33 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,365 Points

Wacky Pirate

I'm Not Titanic Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Destroy an iceberg by clicking on it enough times
Shiny! Unlocked 4/11/15
5 Points
Collect a rainbow coin by clicking on it enough times
Until The Very End Unlocked 4/11/15
10 Points
Finish a stage by letting all gunpowder run out
First Upgrade 5 Points Buy your first upgrade
I Wanna Play More 10 Points Use the gunpowder refill item 10 times
I'm a Big Fan 10 Points Slow down ships with the fan 5 times
I've Had Enough 10 Points Finish a stage by clicking the "END STAGE" button
Overkill 10 Points Destroy at least 3 enemy ships at once with a nuclear bomb
Shark Food 10 Points Make your pet shark eat 5 ships
Missile Destroyer 25 Points Destroy 20 missiles by clicking on them
Only Ice Cubes 25 Points Destroy ten icebergs
Really Shiny! 25 Points Collect ten rainbow coins
Deeply Sorry 50 Points Destroy 10 submarines
Halfway There 50 Points Buy 12 upgrades
None Shall Pass 50 Points Fill the special gauge and use the cannon 5 times
Fully Upgraded 100 Points Buy all upgrades

Medals Earned: 3/16 (20/400 points)

Witch Hunt

First Blood! Unlocked 4/6/15
5 Points
You killed Gobu! You bastard!
Arcanist 5 Points Get all Arcane Spells
Arcanoob 5 Points Get your first Arcane Spell
Chill! 5 Points Freeze 500 enemies
Cold Gravity 5 Points Look, up in the sky!
Crispy! 5 Points Burn 500 enemies
Defeated King Gobu 5 Points Gobuuuu
Defeated the Bonelord 5 Points Bag o' bones
Deflect 5 Points Destroy 100 enemy projectiles
Executioner! 5 Points Kill 100 enemies
Have 1,000 Gold 5 Points in cold cash
Have 100 Gold 5 Points in cold cash.
Interception! 5 Points Destroy 500 enemy projectiles
King Slayer! 5 Points Defeat king Gobu with no damage to the crystal
Rune Master 5 Points Upgrade all your runes
Sapiosexual 5 Points Get all of Lucrea's skills
Stunning! 5 Points Stun 500 enemies
Have 10,000 Gold 10 Points in cold cash
I need a bigger closet! 10 Points Defeat Bonelord with no damage to the crystal
Slaughterer! 10 Points Slay a thousand
Talzarus the Azure 10 Points Finish the game
Dragon Slayer! 25 Points Kill a hundred dragons
Have 100,000 Gold 25 Points in cold cash
Rekt Greedling! 25 Points Defeat the greedling with no damage to the crystal
Have One Million Gold 50 Points in cold seven digits
Rune God 50 Points Oh my god... You broke the game.
Vanquisher! 50 Points Slay 10k
Trophy Collector 100 Points This makes you awesome.
Break it down! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
It's a trap! Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 1/30 (5/500 points)

Zombies vs Penguins 3

First Blood Unlocked 4/10/15
5 Points
Kill your first zombie
Crush on You 10 Points Crush a zombie
Daybreak 10 Points Beat all Daybreak levels
Head Lover 10 Points Get 100 headshots
Help is Good 10 Points Check out the walkthrough
I Hate Zombies 10 Points Kill 100 zombies
Indie Giving 10 Points Visit More Games
Smasher 10 Points Destroy 20 blocks
Above Normal 25 Points Get 91 or more stars
Bouncer 25 Points Bounce a bullet 20 times without hitting a Zombie
Bullet Saver 25 Points Kill a Wares Zombie with the same bullet
Detonator 25 Points Ignite 20 explosions
Extremist 25 Points Beat all regular levels with 3 stars
Midnightmare 25 Points Beat all Midnight levels
MultiKill 25 Points Kill 9 or more enemies with one bullet
Quick Reflexes 25 Points Kill a Burrowing Zombie before it hides
Wikimaster 25 Points Unlock all zombies in the Zombie Wiki
Annihilator 50 Points Kill 500 zombies
Completionist 50 Points Beat all bonus levels with 3 stars
Dawn of the Unheard 50 Points Beat all Dawn levels
Dusk to Dust 50 Points Beat all Dusk levels

Medals Earned: 1/21 (5/500 points)